What is Bus Back Better?

    In March 2021 the Government published Bus Back Better – The National Bus Strategy for England. This is a long-term strategy for buses in England, outside London, and sets out the vision and opportunity to deliver better bus services for passengers through ambitious and far-reaching reform of how services are planned and delivered.

    The Strategy requires all English local transport authorities and bus operators to come up with achievable plans to improve bus services and encouraging more people to use them. WSCC will achieve this by entering into a formal ‘Enhanced Partnership’ with our local bus operators to form a path out of the COVID-19 pandemic and work closely together to provide sustainable bus services as a viable alternative to the car.

    What is the Bus Service Improvement Plan and how will it affect me?

    WSCC has published an ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) in partnership with local bus operators. This plan will be used by the West Sussex Enhanced Partnership to take the steps toward providing better bus services for residents, visitors, and businesses. 

    The ambitions include more frequent services, a better rural transport offer, reduced fares, low and zero emission vehicles, improved bus infrastructure and information and working more closely with passenger groups to improve satisfaction. 

    In short, we want to provide services that meet your local needs, improve your travel choices and contribute to reducing our climate impact. 

    Find out more at www.westsussex.gov.uk/bsip