Why is the scheme required?

    The A259 between Chichester and Bognor Regis is an important route for access to education, jobs and services but the majority of journeys are currently made by private cars and public transport use is low. This results in congestion, especially during peak times, which makes bus journeys longer and services unreliable. 

    There are also no continuous pedestrian and cycle facilities along the A259, and the facilities that do exist do not meet latest design guidance in many sections of the route. 

    Safety is also a problem, with some junctions along the corridor having a high number of collisions. Some of these have involved pedestrians and cyclists.

    These issues limit the attractiveness of public transport, cycling and walking which could be addressed by improvements along the corridor.

    The West Sussex Transport Plan 2022-2036 (opens in new window) sets out how the County Council is intending to address a number of challenges, including climate change, congestion, public health and road safety through improvements to the transport network.

    How much will the scheme cost and how is it being funded?

    At this early stage of design, a detailed cost estimate has not yet been produced. However, we expect the scheme cost to be in line with similar schemes being delivered around the country.

    An external funding stream would be used to help deliver the proposals. It is currently expected that the scheme would be funded using developer contributions and central Government grants that are intended for public transport and active travel schemes, alongside County Council funding. In order to access central Government grants, it will be necessary to demonstrate in a business case that the scheme is deliverable and would provide good value for money.

    Congestion is more of an issue in the area, why are you not widening the road?

    Widening roads without also providing improvements to public transport, walking and cycling facilities will encourage more people to drive. The West Sussex Transport Plan 2022-2036 (opens in new window) identified the need for improvements to highways, public transport and active travel facilities to tackle congestion.  

    The emerging proposals are considering providing bus lanes and bus gates on approaches to key junctions on the corridor, as well as improvements to bus stops. This aims to make bus journey times more competitive and more reliable, and make bus travel a more attractive alternative to the car for some journeys, helping to reduce congestion.

    By providing a safe space for cycling that is off the carriageway, we also aim to encourage more people to cycle between Chichester and Bognor Regis, particularly those people that are less confident cyclists. The route would provide connections towards a number of key destinations within Chichester and Bognor Regis, including schools, employment, retail and leisure destinations such as Rowan Way. The scheme would therefore make it easier for people to walk or cycle to these and other destinations between Chichester and Bognor Regis, rather than using their vehicles.

    Are there any proposals specifically aimed at improving the flow of traffic along the corridor?

    Aside from the measures to improve the attractiveness of public transport, walking and cycling, the scheme is expected to include road safety improvements including the restriction of lightly used right-turn movements on the corridor, as well as widening the A259 Bognor Rd/Drayton Lane and A259 Chichester Rd/A259 Gladius Way (North Bersted Bypass) junctions to improve traffic flow.

    The County Council is also working with National Highways and the local planning authorities in Chichester and Arun to bring forward improvements at the A27/A259 Bognor Rd junction to mitigate the impact of planned development using developer funding.

    Will the proposals be designed in accordance with latest cycle design guidance (LTN 1/20)?

    The designs that are being developed will be designed in accordance with the latest cycle design guidance (LTN 1/20).

    I live along one of the proposed routes. Will I still be able to access my driveway?

    Yes, existing access to driveways will be maintained via dropped kerbs.

    Are you considering any bus priority measures/improvements to services?

    The proposals are considering bus lanes and bus gates using traffic signals for buses at key junctions along the corridor, in particular on the northbound A259 towards the A27 Bognor Road roundabout, and on approaches to the A259 Chichester Road/A259 Gladius Way and A29 Shripney Rd/A259 Charles Purley Way (Felpham Relief Road) junctions. Improvements to bus stops, including shelters, lighting, real time bus information displays and footway improvements are also being considered.

    Will proposals link up to existing walking/cycling infrastructure?

    A key function of the scheme will be to ensure that any proposals developed will where possible link to existing facilities or use existing facilities to ensure continuity throughout the A259 corridor.

    When are improvements to the A27 Chichester bypass expected to take place?

    Improvements to the A27 at Chichester are a priority identified in the West Sussex Transport Plan 2022-2036 (opens in new window). In spring 2023, the Government deferred a major scheme to improve the A27 at Chichester to a future Roads Investment Strategy. The earliest that this could now take place is in the 2030-35 period, so in the short-term small-scale improvements are being developed with the local planning authorities in Chichester and Arun to mitigate the impacts of development.

    What are the next steps?

    At the end of the early engagement period the feedback will be carefully analysed and we will share a summary engagement report on the scheme webpages. The report will contain the analysis of the types of responses received and will help us in our decision making about the designs.

    If we decide to progress the schemes, the feedback used will help to develop more detailed designs. These designs will then be presented as part of a further consultation period, which we would expect to take place later this year.

    The further consultation would provide the opportunity for people to view and comment on the emerging designs of the proposals.

    When would you expect the schemes to be built?

    The programme for implementation will be informed by the outcomes of this consultation, and further consultation on designs expected to take place later this year.  

    Construction would be subject to a business case, all relevant statutory processes (e.g. planning) and securing central Government funding for scheme delivery. It is therefore not possible to confirm a delivery timescale at this stage.

    I want to speak to a member of the project team, what should I do?

    You can either email any comments or questions to the team at LTP@westsussex.gov.uk or you can telephone 01243 642105. If you are deaf and have the NGT app installed on your PC, laptop, or mobile phone, you can contact us on 18001 01243 642105.