Residents' Survey

This survey is for people living in West Sussex who wants to give their views and experience regarding drug use* in the community

A multi-agency working group has committed to a range of actions to support individuals and communities to overcome the issues which can lead to cycles of continued drug use. A series of activities are already underway, and we need to better understand the lives of residents in the area, so that more targeted support can be put in place.

There are some open questions, and you can tell us as much or as little as you like for each response, but please give some details if you feel comfortable. If you are giving examples, please avoid identifying others in your responses. 

Some of the questions ask about sensitive issues surrounding drug use, but we will not use your responses to identify you or attempt to contact you in any way. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to, and your responses will not affect any service provision you currently receive. 

Your responses will only be seen by Public Health researchers at West Sussex County Council and will be stored securely. Any identifying details will be removed.

*This survey concerns illicit drug use.

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Drug use in the community

All your responses to this survey are confidential and we will not attempt to identify you from your answers. You do not need to answer if you do not want to.

First, we would like to ask about drug use in your community.


Where in West Sussex do you live?


Do you think drug use has been increasing or decreasing in the local community in recent years?


What type of drugs concerns you the most in the local community? (Select as many as apply)


Do you think occasional (recreational) drug use causes harm on the individual and/or the community?