The requirement to produce a plan

    The government sets out priorities for Fire and Rescue Authorities through the Fire and Rescue National Framework for England (2018).

    Our current Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP)

    Our IRMP for 2018-2022 will remain in place until our new CRMP plan is adopted. You can view it here:2018-2022 IRMP.

    Our Council Plan

    Our Council Plan is West Sussex County Council's corporate plan for 2021-2025.

    What is risk?

    The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) have defined risk as a combination of the likelihood and consequences of hazardous events.

    Risk is the potential for an emergency to occur, that may threaten life, cause damage or harm to people, property, or the environment, including an impact on critical infrastructure, or protracted demand on emergency service resources.

    We identify, assess and research our foreseeable risks, drawing on local incidents, feedback and learning from significant local and national events. This is reviewed every year to identify our priorities, set our objectives and measure our performance. 

    What happens next?

    We will collate all of the responses from this public consultation and review before preparing our full Community Risk Management Plan in early 2022.